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The value of the Cambridge IPQ project-based qualification when applying to university

The Cambridge IPQ is a project-based qualification, typically aimed at student who want to extend their learning beyond their Cambridge International AS and A Level. Studying for the Cambridge IPQ allows learners to demonstrate their engagement with their chosen topic further than preparing for an exam.

The Cambridge IPQ provides students with the opportunity to develop skills by carrying out research into a topic of their choice, and completing a 5000 word report, these skills include higher-order thinking skills valued by universities and employers, including analysis, evaluation and synthesis and builds up research, reflection and communication skills.

For further information about how universities in the UK value and accept the Cambridge IPQ, please watch our video with three leading UK universities.

When applying to UK universities through UCAS Apply with the Cambridge IPQ, search for ‘Cambridge International Project Qualification’, which will allow you to enter full details of your qualification.

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