What is the difference between OCR A Levels and Cambridge International A Levels?

The standard between OCR A Levels and Cambridge International A Levels is the same, as Cambridge qualifications are aligned with OCR (our sister organisation and a leading UK exam board). However, there are a few key differences:

- Cambridge International A Levels are specifically designed to suit the needs of an international student body.
- Contexts or examples used in Cambridge syllabuses and question papers are culturally sensitive in an international context.
- In some cases, Cambridge has developed country specific variants to meet local needs, for example in Brunei we developed a suite of Religious Studies Cambridge International A Levels focusing on Islam and the Quran.
- Cambridge International A Level is used as the national qualification in a number of countries, for example, Mauritius and Brunei.
- There is a much wider range of subjects available at Cambridge International A Level, for example the wide range of languages offered.
- The UCAS UK Qualifications Handbook Entry for Cambridge International A and AS Levels states that:

"Cambridge International AS and A level qualifications are generally recognised by universities as equivalent in value to UK AS and A levels and may be accepted at grades A* – E in lieu of the UK GCE A and AS level on a subject for subject and grade for grade basis. The A* grade is not awarded at AS level." (p. 75, International Qualifications 2015)

- Cambridge International A Levels have a linear structure which encourages a more integrated study of the entire subject.

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