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What is a typical UCAS points offer?

The UCAS Tariff is a points system used to report achievement for entry to higher education in a numerical format. It shows how different types of qualifications compare, and provides comparisons between applicants with different types and volumes of achievement. Most universities prefer to express their entry requirements and make offers in terms of qualifications and grades rather than in Tariff points. While many universities do not use UCAS Tariff Points in framing their offers, they may nevertheless use the tariff to provide a benchmark for fair and objective comparison with A Levels.

For the minority of courses that refer to UCAS Tariff points in their entry requirements, there are different approaches:

  • some list their entry requirements and make offers using only Tariff points – with no reference to specific qualifications or grades
  • some ask for specific qualifications and a set number of Tariff points
  • some link the Tariff points required to specific qualifications and grades

Not all post-16 qualifications attract UCAS Tariff points for various reasons. GCSE and IGCSE qualifications are not allocated tariff points since they are not level 3 qualifications, that is, qualifications suitable for entry to higher education in the UK such as A Levels.

Further information regarding tariff points is available on the UCAS website:

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