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How can I find out about recognition of Cambridge qualifications?

Cambridge International qualifications are recognised throughout the world. We are committed to ensuring that university admission offices and colleges around the world understand the value of our qualifications. Further information on the recognition of Cambridge International qualifications can be found here. Cambridge's recognition database allows you to search for and identify where and how Cambridge International qualifications are recognised by education providers and employers across the world. You can search by country, by different types of recognition and by specific qualifications.

Furthermore, to learn more about applying to universities in different countries worldwide with Cambridge International qualifications, our Recognitions country webpages, provide further information. Also our University Recognition Worldwide brochure provides a summary of university entrance requirement from around the world.

The Recognition database also has benefits for higher education providers too. You can promote your university or college by being included in the database. For further information or to register your higher education institution's recognition policy, please contact

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