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How do I add new users to the Cambridge Primary/Lower Secondary website?

Administration of users for the Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary sites are now processed through the School Support Hub.

1. Go to the School Support Hub, and select ‘Administration’ and then ‘My Centre.
2. Click ‘Add new users’.
3. Enter the users name and email. Their email must be linked to an account that they can access and is not used by anyone else.
4. Use the tick boxes to give the user admin rights, if required, and access to the support sites relevant to the syllabuses that they teach. Giving a user admin rights means that they will be able to carry out some administrative tasks, including adding new teacher accounts and editing existing teacher details.
5. You can add multiple new users at once using the ‘Add’ button on the left-hand side.
6. Click ‘Finish’.

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