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Can any editions of set texts be taken into the open-book examination for Component 3?

The syllabus provides the following advice in Sections 3 and 4:

Requirements: set texts in open-book examinations
Candidates may take their clean copy set texts into the exam room, but these texts must not contain personal annotations, highlighting or underlining. They are not permitted to use editions that include extensive study notes or face-paging translations or explanations. Editions with brief introductions, conclusions and foot/end notes are permitted, though candidates must not make use of these additional notes during the examination.

Resources: set text editions for classroom use
There are many editions of set texts available, with newer editions sometimes including notes (often displayed on facing pages), illustrations, activities and further resources which make these texts particularly useful and user friendly for classroom use. If you are purchasing texts that are intended for both classroom and examination use, we would advise that you avoid editions that include extensive study notes and page-facing translations.

Information about requirements for open-book literature examinations is in the Cambridge Handbook for the relevant year of assessment.

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