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Why don't the specimen papers contain questions on the set texts?

As set texts on Cambridge IGCSE Literature syllabuses are updated regularly, we do not issue new specimen materials for each examination series or set text. New materials will only be published if there is a change to the assessment or syllabus structure.

The reason for this entirely practical: for the three years a text is on the syllabus we set 48 questions covering all time zone variants and contingency papers. Setting additional questions inevitably increases the possibility of duplication and limits the choice of text for extract questions, therefore we provide specimen papers of texts not on the syllabus to give an indication of the types of question centres might reasonably expect to be on the paper.

These specimen papers give a sense of the types of questions that will appear in live material. From these, teachers and candidates are able to identify the typical structure and formulation of examination questions in IGCSE Literature.

The specimen papers available on the relevant subject pages of the public website and School Support Hub are therefore intended for use for all examination series’ and may not reflect current text lists.

In addition to specimen papers, past examination papers are available on the School Support Hub to give a wider sense of the style of questions that may be asked in an IGCSE Literature examination.

Teachers can also discuss and share their own mock examination questions on specific set texts on the IGCSE Literature forum on the School Support Hub.

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