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During the exam, what is the role of the invigilator?

During the exam, the invigilator makes sure that the candidates do not communicate with each other, especially at times when they need to move from one part of the room to another. The invigilator must ensure that no-one helps the candidates, there should be no demonstration or explanation of how to do the practical techniques.

When the supervisor needs to perform the experiments and record the results out of sight of the candidates during the exam there must be enough invigilators to do this’ see ‘Invigilation’ section in our Cambridge Handbook 2024 . One of the invigilators must be qualified to deal with any technical problems or safety issues.

At the end of the exam (along with the supervisor) the invigilator must check that any forms that we ask for in the confidential instructions are included with the candidate scripts to be returned to Cambridge International for marking.

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