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How do I store the confidential instructions?

You must always keep confidential instructions under secure conditions and do not remove them from the building. When they are not being used by the supervisor to prepare for the exams, they must be put back into your secure storage, see ‘Storing confidential materials’ section 4.4 and ‘Special instructions for science practical exams’ 5.7.1 in our Cambridge Handbook 2024 .  Do not make any copies of the confidential instructions. The Head of Centre is responsible for making sure the contents remain confidential. You must not discuss the instructions with any other centre or allow any information to reach candidates. If you have any questions, you must contact us or your Cambridge Associate.

Do not open any question paper packets before the exam.

You must report any known or suspected breach of any confidential material to us. See ‘Malpractice’ section 5.1 of the Cambridge Handbook 2024.

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