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What are the routes from Cambridge Early Years to Cambridge Primary?

There are two routes available to progress from Cambridge Early Years to Cambridge Primary:


1. EY1 (age 3-4), EY2 (age 4-5), Primary Stage 1 (age 5-6)

2. EY1 (age 3-4), EY2 (age 4-5), EY3 (age 5-6), Primary Stage 2 (age 6-7)


We provide guidance to help you decide on the best route for your learners.

EY3 in Cambridge Early Years and Stage 1 in Cambridge Primary are both designed to transition to Cambridge Primary Stage 2. This enables you to choose whether to use EY3 or Stage 1 for ages 5 to 6 depending on your individual context and requirements, including the language profile of your children. EY3 includes the Cambridge Primary Stage 1 concepts, but also supports more informal, play-based teaching and learning approaches, and holistic planning, which may be more suitable for your early years setting. 

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