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What support is available for measuring learner progress?

We provide evaluation guidance for smooth transition to Early Years 1 (age 3-4). This incorporates key developmental milestones, key knowledge, understanding, and skills. You will find activities to help you evaluate competencies related to developmental milestones.


Our support also includes guidance around our assessment approach. The approach focuses on Continuous assessment and how evidence-collection is at the heart of this to form judgements on progress. Guidance is also available on how to use the Discover, Decide, Do (Record and Report) format. Case studies are available that highlight what good assessment looks like. These are a set of situations where practitioners can see how the principles of Discover, Decide, Do, Record and Report apply in different the situations


We encourage you to record your learners’ progress. You will see that we provide advice and guidance on using digital tools to record learner progress.


In Early Years 2 (age 4-5), you can use our baselining tool called Cambridge Early Years Check Together. This can be used as further evidence to inform and support your evidence-based judgements about the learning progress of your children.

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