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How does the School Support Coordinator delete or suspend users?

Follow this process to suspend the account of a teacher at your school. If the teacher no longer works at your school, you should then delete their account.

1. On the School Support Hub, and select ‘Administration’ and then ‘My Centre’.
2. You will be taken to the ‘Users’ page.
3. Locate and select the user you want to delete.
4. You can click the ‘Suspend user’ button to the right of their name or click into their profile if you want to delete their account afterwards.
5. From the users’ profile, click ‘Suspend’ at the bottom of the page. Click ‘Yes’ and close the pop up.
6. The system will check to see if they have any Progression Test data attached to their account in either the Cambridge Primary or Cambridge Lower Secondary websites and prompt you to transfer this data to another Teachers’ account. You cannot delete a user until you have transferred this data. Follow the steps below to do this*.
7. Once suspended, the option to delete the user will then appear, select ‘Delete’ and click ‘Yes’.

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