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How do I book a Cambridge event?

Whether you want to attend a seminar, conference or Professional Development course, you can book all Cambridge events using our Events and Professional Development Planner.

You can either pay by credit card or if you are from a Cambridge school, we can invoice your school for the course fee. Please see the payment methods section of our booking guide for further details.

If you wish to invoice your Centre, make sure that you have the Centre number. If you do not have this please ask the exams officer at your school or Centre for approval.

How to book an event


1. Find the course that you want to attend on our Events and Professional Development Planner.


2. Login or create an account.


3. Proceed through the steps in the shopping basket to complete your booking.


a. If you pay by credit card your booking confirmation will be sent within 24 hours.

b. If you choose to invoice your Centre the booking will be 'pending' until approved. Your Centre's Professional Development Booking Administrator will need to approve the booking before it can be confirmed. Once this is done you will receive a booking confirmation.


Further details can be found in our Booking Guide.

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