Advice for Centres regarding severe weather, political unrest and natural disasters

The safety of candidates and Centre staff is the most important thing. You should follow any advice issued by the relevant authorities in your country regarding school closure. If candidates are unable to complete their exams you may re-enter them in the next series.

Timetable Deviations
Timetable deviations If it is not safe to run exams in the timetabled session, you can apply for candidates to take the exam at another time, as long as it is no more than 24 hours after the published timetable date. Apply for timetable deviations using Preparation – Form 2. You must never conduct exams on an earlier day than the timetable date.

We reserve the right to not accept scripts from a re-scheduled exam if there is evidence that the security of the exam has been breached.

Alternative Venues
If it is not safe to conduct exams in your exam venue, you can apply to conduct them in an alternative venue by submitting Entries – Form 5.

Question Papers
If it is not safe to access question papers from your secure storage facilities, please email or telephone +44 1223 553554. We may be able to send your question papers electronically.

Special Consideration
If the circumstances mean a candidate is unable to attend an exam or completes the exam but has been adversely affected by the situation, you can apply for special consideration.

Apply for special consideration through CIE Direct or by submitting Exam Day – Form 7, which is available from the ‘Support Materials’ section of CIE Direct. We review all applications on a case by case basis.

Candidate Scripts
If local courier services are disrupted or delayed, store answer scripts securely at your Centre until the courier confirms they can despatch the scripts. Do not allow the courier to store the scripts.

Please let us know about any delays in returning scripts.

Store any unopened question paper packets securely at your Centre until after the exam series.

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