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Can artwork be returned direct to students?

Cambridge cannot return IGCSE Artwork to individual students’ addresses.

Return of IGCSE artwork for 0400/03 and 04

IGCSE Art & Design components 0400/03 and 0400/04 are returned to schools free of charge as soon as the Enquiries about Results period has ended.

Return of 0400/01 and 02

Schools requiring the return of components 0400/01 and 0400/02 will need to complete and return the Returning Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design Work - Teacher Assessment - Form 5, which can be found here.

The form must be submitted in advance of the series by the deadlines below:

  • June series – 30 April
  • November series – 31 October

For details of the cost of this service please refer to the current fees list, which is available in the My Messages section of Cambridge International Direct.

Charging for the return of 0400/01 and 02

Our general policy is that we do not return any scripts to schools. The exceptions to this are where a school has paid for them as part of an Enquiry about Results and the other is with Art & Design syllabuses.

We do return all coursework free of charge. However we are often asked if we can return scripts as well and the decision has been made that we will do so for Art & Design syllabuses because of the nature of the work. As a result schools are asked to pay the costs for the return the scripts. The fee for IGCSE is subsidised by Cambridge and it is only charged per component rather than per script.

Returning 9704 artwork

All work submitted for AS/A Level Art & Design (9704) will be returned automatically, free of charge, after the Enquiries about Results period has ended.

If your Centre has submitted an appeal or an Enquiry about Results then the work will not be returned until the appeals process has ended. Cambridge reserve the right to retain work for training and standardisation purposes in accordance with our Code of Practice

Return of artwork where EARs have been submitted

We are unable to return artwork for the most recent examination series until all Enquiries about Results and Appeals have been completed for the series. However, if centres confirm that no further Enquiries about Results or Appeals will be submitted for the candidates concerned, we will pass the request to our Artwork department to ensure the work can be returned as soon as possible.

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