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Certificates for Online Courses

You will receive a certificate at the end of an online tutor-guided course if you meet the completion criteria to your tutor’s satisfaction.

A certificate of participation is awarded to participants who completed some of the tasks on the course to a satisfactory level.

A certificate of completion is awarded to participants who completed all of the tasks on the course to a satisfactory level.

A certificate of attendance is awarded to all participants of our Marking Workshop courses.

Tutor-guided courses (within 2 weeks of course end)

Online tutor-guided courses remain open for 2 weeks after the course end date.

To collect your certificate while the course is still open:

1. Go to the homepage of your course and scroll down to the ‘Certificates’ section

2. Complete the feedback survey. Click the ‘Take the survey’ button to go to the survey

3. Once you have completed the survey a button will appear in the Certificates section. Click on this to download your certificate.

Tutor-guided courses (more than 2 weeks after course end)

If you did not download your certificate within two weeks of the end of the course or would like a replacement certificate for an online tutor-guided course that ended more than two weeks ago, please contact with the following information so that our online learning team can assist you further:

· Course level (introductory, extension or enrichment)
· Syllabus name and number
· Start date of course
· Participant name and email address

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