Enrolment keys

What is an enrolment key?

The first time a teacher tries to access their online course they will be prompted to type an enrolment key. This is a one-time course password, which allows teachers to enrol onto a particular online course on the Online Learning Portal and prevents unauthorised access to the course.

When will I get my enrolment key?

For online tutor-guided courses, the enrolment key will be sent to you 3 days before the course starts.

For online self-study courses the enrolment key will be sent in your booking confirmation email.

If you have chosen to invoice your school/centre, your booking administrator will need to approve the booking before you receive your enrolment key.

If your booking administrator is unable to approve your booking, or your booking is confirmed and you have not received the enrolment key, please let us know.

I cannot enter my enrolment key?

If you are trying to access a tutor-guided course, you will not be able to access the course with your enrolment key until the course start date.

My enrolment key doesn't work, what should I do?

Please ensure that you have selected the correct course on the Online Learning Portal. A link to your course should be included in the email with your enrolment key. Once you have logged in to the Online Learning Portal, use this link to go directly to your course.

Enrolment keys are case sensitive and we recommend you copy and paste the enrolment key (or type it by hand) from your joining instructions. Please make sure there are no floating spaces at the beginning or the end of the copy and paste.

If you are trying to access a tutor-guided course, you will not be able to access the course with your enrolment key until the course start date.

Please contact us on if you still have any difficulties accessing your course with the enrolment key.

I have missed the enrolment deadline?

The enrolment deadline for your course is detailed in your joining instructions.

If you do not enrol onto your course or contact us to resolve any issues you are experiencing before the enrolment deadline, I'm afraid we are unable to add you to the course.

In order to complete an online course and receive your certificate of completion, you must fully participate in the collaborative activities throughout the course, which involves accessing the course during the week that the collaborative activities are set. Once the enrolment deadline has passed, some of the group activities have already been completed.

If you were unable to contact us during the enrolment period due to extenuating circumstances and wish to avoid a charge for the course, please contact with a supporting email from a senior member of staff at your school which we will consider alongside our terms and conditions.

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