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What is the role of the Programme Leader for the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications?

The Programme Leader is responsible to Cambridge for designing and managing the programme at the school or organisation.

The Programme Leader:

  • organises the learning environment and resources for the programme
  • leads the training team for the programme, including monitoring the quality of training (e.g. through supportive observation)
  • shares the training work with colleagues in the team
  • monitors progress and gives feedback to the group to support them throughout the programme
  • monitors and supports the learning of particular teachers for whom the programme leader is acting as trainer  
  • liaises with the school’s senior leadership team to ensure that they support the programme appropriately
  • acts as contact point with Cambridge for matters relating to the programme makes sure that Cambridge requirements are being met locally
  • evaluates the programme to plan further development. 

The Programme Leader is normally working within a programme team which includes trainer(s) for the programme. Trainers:

  • design and manage learning activities for particular sessions/aspects of the programme, following the design of the programme and the lead from the Programme Leader
  • prepare the learning environment and resources for the sessions/activities for which they are responsible  
  • cooperate with colleagues in the training team
  • monitor progress and support the learning of particular teachers
  • liaise with the Programme Leader to advise on the ongoing evaluation of the programme.

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