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What criteria are Cambridge looking for when a school/organisation apply to run the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications?

When assessing a school or organisation’s suitability to offer the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications we are looking for the following: 

  • The school has experience developing and delivering professional development programmes for teachers
  • The senior management team and the governing body demonstrate clear goals for the successful introduction of the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications. They can evidence planning to support effective implementation and have realistic targets for future growth (if planning to run the programme commercially)
  • The Programme Leader and other teacher trainers have appropriate qualifications to deliver the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications programme successfully
  • The culture of the school is learner-centred. It supports the learners and trainers to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged
  • The school understands that the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications are practice-based for full and part time teachers
  • The school has suitable buildings to deliver the programme – a space for plenary sessions, break out rooms for small groups, library or resource area (may be virtual).



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