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What stays the same in the mark scheme?

  • There are no changes to the overall number of marks available for each question or question part
  • Candidates should continue to look at both sides of an answer for Level 4 in 10 mark or 14 mark questions
  • Explanation and developed explanation are explicitly signposted in Table 2. Though they may be labelled differently, as explanation and developed explanation, the marks allocated for the explanation of factors remain unchanged
  • To achieve marks for evaluation, candidates must continue to reflect on an answer that addresses both sides of the issue before giving an opinion that is supported by their argument
  • The marking layout for Q1b. Candidates must continue to reference the source to achieve marks. L1 requires the identification of any appropriate surface feature from the source. L2 requires one or more unsupported valid inferences. L3 asks for one or more inferences supported by detail from the source. The fifth mark can be achieved either through two supported inferences, or through one supported inference set in its appropriate context.
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