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What learner’s books are available for Cambridge Early Years?

We offer a range of learner’s books that perfectly complement the teaching resources. They have been developed by subject experts and feature our early years characters – Gemi the Orangutan, Mia the Butterfly, Rafi the Leopard, and Kiho the Chameleon.

There is a focus on fun, write-in activities to engage learners, alongside colourful stickers, playful rhymes, pictures and stories. There is also activity guidance for practitioners and parents.

Our learner’s books are split by subject in Years 2 and 3: Communication and Language – First Language English or Second Language English, Mathematics and Let’s Explore, which covers ‘Understanding the world’ as well as physical, social and emotional development. At stage 1, all subjects are covered in the same learner’s books.

All of our learner’s books are available at an extra cost outside of the programme fee.

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