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What training is available for teachers of the Cambridge Early Years curriculum?

We provide the following webinars and training courses for Cambridge Early Years:


  What is it? Who should Attend? When will it be available?
Getting to know Cambridge Early Years Webinar (free for registered Early Years customers) 90-minute informational webinar to introduce the EY programme Practitioners and leaders new to Cambridge Early Years Quarterly, from June 2023 (Available at UK morning and afternoon times)
Introductory training (fees apply) Online (5 weeks), or face-to-face (2 days) training covering key elements of the programme including the curriculum, teaching and learning approaches, measuring learner progress and planning Practitioners who are about to start delivering the Cambridge Early Years programme

Online – February, June and September every year, starting June 2023

Face-to-face – dependent on regional requests, starting in August 2023

Prepare to teach training (fees apply) Blended learning – 6 to 12 weeks. Supports the effective use of the resources in the setting and how to use them to develop teaching skills in line with the underpinning pedagogical approach. Lead practitioners, Heads of Early Years settings or Senior teachers

Online in January 2023

Face-to-face – dependent on regional request

Extension training (fees apply) Online (3 weeks), or face-to-face (2 days) training covering specific aspects of the programme, such as learning environment, assessment Practitioners who have attended Introductory training or have been teaching Cambridge Early Years for at least a year.

In the second year of the programme

Focus on the learning environment already available.

Enrichment training (fees apply) Online, virtual or face-to-face training in different aspects of teaching and learning, (e.g. Assessment for learning, active learning) Practitioners who are looking to reflect on their practice and learn classroom strategies to support teaching and learning

Assessment for learning already available virtually.

Other areas in the second year of the programme

Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQ) (fees apply) Embeds early years theory, best practice and reflection in the practitioner’s context and in their daily routines. Culminates in the attainment of a Cambridge qualification.

Practitioners who want to improve their knowledge and practice by working with an experienced practitioner and a mentor. 

Practitioners who want to gain a Cambridge qualification.

Delivered face-to-face in approved Professional Development centres.

Could be available online for individual practitioners, or groups of practitioners from 2024.

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