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FAQs for Resource Plus

Can I try before I buy?

You are welcome to try Resource Plus before you buy. Demo versions of each Resource Plus product are available to view, and include examples of all the resources available in the full products. Customers can get access to the demos from School Support Hub Extra Services

Are these materials essential for the purposes of teaching these syllabuses?

Resource Plus materials are not essential for teaching our syllabuses. Resource Plus materials were instead designed to provide detailed support for teachers on some of the key skills and topics that we have identified as being particularly challenging to candidates.

Resource Plus provides lesson plans, activity sheets, videos and additional testing and quizzing content that teachers can use to improve their learners skills and subject knowledge in these particularly challenging areas.

Can I download the materials to use in the classroom?

Many of the materials are designed to be downloaded for use in the classroom, as Resource Plus is designed to support classroom teaching and engage learners. For example, Skills Packs can be downloaded and the worksheets for learners printed out for use in class. Videos are streamed, so can be shown in class on a screen where there is an internet connection. Interactive example candidate responses can be downloaded and displayed on a screen, as can the Scheme of Word and Teacher Guides for example.

Can I share resources with candidates for teaching purposes?

We don’t specify exactly how the resources should be used, but their purpose is to engage learners, so teachers should use the materials with learners how they see fit. For example, the interactive example candidate responses which are available in some Resource Plus products can give a teacher the opportunity to review and practice mark a real exam question answer with their learners. The learners’ marks can then be compared with the marks the examiner gave and comments the examiner gave for giving those marks, so learners can begin to understand what is expected of them in exam.

If I already have the free schemes of work, why should I pay for interactive versions of these materials?

The Resource Plus resources for IGCSE science syllabuses are a curated collection of specially developed premium resources, focusing on specific skills and topics that are known to be challenging. The resources are designed to both supplement and improve teaching and to engage and develop learners. They will prepare students both for examination and further study by including classroom video, animation and detailed lesson resources targeting particular topics and skills.

They are not a complete programme of teaching, nor are they designed as specific practice for exam papers. Cambridge will continue to provide Schemes of Work to support planning, and Past Papers and Example Candidate Response documents to support exam preparation, to centres through the School Support Hub.

Why are other qualifications not included within Resource Plus?

Although there are currently 13 Resource Plus products available, covering many of our most popular syllabuses at IGCSE and A Level, we have plans to develop Resource Plus further. We will be prioritising our key syllabuses.

Our main focus with Resource Plus is to continue to support teachers using our current products, by providing updates to materials and additional premium content such as classroom activity videos, animation and lesson plan resources on other topics and skills that have been identified as particularly challenging.

Will the resources only be available in English - could we add subtitles?

The syllabuses included within Resource Plus and all associated materials are available in English only. At present we have no plans to provide sub-titles for additional languages. However, as an international exam board we appreciate English may not be the candidate / teacher’s first language. We have written the materials with this in mind, in the aim that these materials will be appropriate for our worldwide community.

How do I purchase a subscription to Resource Plus?

Resource Plus is available to purchase on an annual subscription basis from the School Support Hub website. The School Support Coordinator registered on the School Support Hub has the ability to purchase subscriptions on the behalf of the school.

Can all my teaching colleagues get access to Resource Plus?

Once a subscription to Resource Plus has been purchased by the School Support Coordinator, all teachers at your school can access the service through the ‘Extra services’ area on the School Support Hub.

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