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FAQs for IGCSE Design and Technology (0445 & 0979)


Can candidates take all of the options?

No, a candidate cannot take all of the options, only one option can be entered. Candidates would not be able to cover the skills and content involved in multiple options adequately. This would also detrimentally affect the student’s performance in the Project.

Do candidates have to base their design projects on their chosen option?

Yes, candidates’ projects should be centred on the chosen option in Part 2 of the syllabus content.

When should the Project be done?

It is recommended that candidates undertake their Project in the final year of a two year course so that the option material will have been covered before then. It is expected that the work should take about two terms.

Should we use photographic evidence when submitting projects?

Photographic evidence of the finished product should be submitted along with all other evidence. The photographs will need to be clear and in some cases you may want to take more than one view of the product. Note that artefacts and/or models should not be sent through the post to Cambridge.

Where can I find more information about the Project?

As well as information in the syllabus there is also a Coursework Handbook that teachers delivering this course are advised to obtain. Due to the size of the file, which contains a lot of images, you will need to order it through the Catalogue of Resources. Download the Coursework Handbook Notice from the Teaching Materials tab on School Support Hub for more information about how to order.

The handbook aims to assist teachers in the guidance and development of coursework projects with their candidates and to apply the assessment criteria in a confident and consistent way. It clarifies the syllabus requirements, provides guidance on the development of coursework projects and explains, with marked examples, how the assessment criteria should be applied.

Does Cambridge supply and Individual Candidate Record Card?

We do not provide an Individual Candidate Record Card for Cambridge IGCSE Design & Technology (0445) & (0979). However, teachers may produce their own and submit them with the Coursework Assessment Summary Form when submitting candidates' coursework for moderation. Many schools voluntarily send in individual candidate assessment sheets, commenting on particular features and on how marks were awarded for each section. These can be very helpful to moderators. If you would like to you can create your own form using the assessment criteria given in the syllabuses.

For more information and materials on these syllabuses, please visit our School Support Hub:

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