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FAQs for AS & A Level Languages (Speaking Tests)


AS/A Level Languages (other than English): Is the NOE form required?

We no longer require centres to submit Nomination of Oral Examiner (NOE) forms for A Level language syllabuses.

Please refer to our fact sheet herefor full details of how to select oral examiners and conduct these components.

AS/A Level Languages (other than English): How should I select someone to conduct and assess the speaking tests at my school?

Ideally, a teacher at the school should conduct and assess the speaking tests. Where this is not possible and it is necessary to look for someone outside the school, you should look for someone who is fluent in the language, preferably with teaching experience and with experience of conducting other oral examinations. It is important that the person appointed takes the time to familiarise him/herself with the requirements of the examination before conducting and assessing any 'live' speaking tests. The examination syllabus contains all the information the examiner will need and should be sent to him/her to read before the day of the examination. If it is not possible to send the syllabus to the examiner beforehand, then, on the day of the examination, you should arrange for him/her to arrive at the school 1-2 hours before conducting and assessing the first speaking test, in order that s/he can read through the instructions contained in the syllabus.

Please refer to our fact sheet attached below for further details.

AS/A Level Languages (other than English): What happens to the oral examination marks when they arrive at Cambridge?

When your recorded sample, working mark sheet(s) and internally assessed marks are received at Cambridge, they are forwarded to one of our moderators. The Moderator listens to your sample and looks at the marks that you have awarded to ensure that they are in line with the international standard. If your marks are in line, then they will not be changed. If they are not, then an adjustment will be made to bring them into line, e.g. the marks will be raised if you have marked your candidates severely, or lowered if you have been too generous. A report on your conduct and assessment of the speaking tests will be sent to your school with the results.

AS/A Level Languages (other than English): What is the period for conducting the speaking tests?

The speaking test period for AS/A Level Languages is usually 1 April to 1 June for the June series and 15 October and 15 November for the November series. For specific dates please refer to the examination timetable which can be downloaded from the Support Materials section of Cambridge International Direct or from the timetables section of our website.

AS/A Level Languages (other than English): When will I receive the materials for conducting speaking tests?

No question paper is required. The materials for the conduct and assessment of the speaking test are to be found in the syllabus booklet for the appropriate year. Schools must provide their own CD/DVD on which to record the sample of students for moderation.

AS/A Level Languages (other than English): Who marks the speaking tests?

It is the responsibility of the person conducting the speaking tests to mark them. The tests should be marked as they are being conducted. Examiners should mark the 'live' candidate and not a recording. Further guidance on this can be found in the relevant syllabus.

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