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Do you supply chemicals and materials for practical exams?

Please note the syllabus states: It is the responsibility of centres to provide the apparatus and chemicals for practical examinations. Cambridge International is not able to supply apparatus and chemicals directly, nor provide advice on local suppliers. Any materials supplied by Cambridge International (such as prepared microscope slides or enzymes) are clearly identified in the Confidential Instructions and are sent to centres several weeks before the examination.

You must check the despatch list against the list in the Confidential Instructions as soon as they arrive and let us know about any discrepancies immediately. Open the packets containing perishable materials (for example, enzymes) as soon as they arrive and keep them in a refrigerator that is not accessible to unauthorised people.

The Head of Centre, along with the supervisor, is responsible for the safe and confidential handling of all materials until they are used in the exam. No information about these materials must reach candidates see ‘Special instructions for science practical exams’ 5.7.1 in our Cambridge Handbook 2024.

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