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Do I need to label beakers containing chemicals with Hazard codes?

The responsibility for safety matters rests with centres.

Supervisors in practical exams must follow national and local regulations relating to safety, first aid and the disposal of chemicals. Please remind candidates that all substances in practical exams should be treated with caution. Suitable eye protection should be used where necessary.

‘Hazard Data Sheets’ for substances used in the practical exams should be available from your chemical supplier.

The following hazard codes appear in the AS & A Level 9700 Biology syllabus here, in section 5 ‘Practical assessment’ in accordance with information provided by CLEAPSS1

  • C = corrosive                          
  • MH = moderate hazard
  • HH = health hazard                    
  • T = acutely toxic
  • F = flammable                        
  • O = oxidising                      
  • N = hazardous to the aquatic environment

1.   An advisory service providing support in practical science and technology for schools and colleges (

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