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How is the AS English General Paper assessed?

The AS consists of two papers. Paper 1 is an essay paper (1 hour 15 minutes) where candidates choose one question from a choice of 10. The paper has questions from each of the three main topic areas listed in the syllabus.

Paper 2 is a comprehension paper (1 hour 45 minutes) where candidates answer all questions in each of two sections (A and B) on the paper.

In Section A, candidates are required to explain and interpret the information provided in the material to show understanding. They are also required to write a response that expresses an opinion and justifies a conclusion.

In Section B, candidates are required to demonstrate the ability to read for detailed understanding at word, sentence and paragraph level. They are required to demonstrate understanding of how language features are used in a variety of styles and registers. Candidates are assessed on how they analyse and evaluate the material to show an awareness of the strengths and weakness of different kinds of information presented. They are required to identify and analyse inference.

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