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Attendance Registers - when will we receive them and when should they be completed?

Attendance Registers will be sent as part of your pre-examination despatches. Further information on when these are sent can be found in the Administrative Guide which can be downloaded from the Exams Officer's Guide section of our public website. 

Attendance Registers should be used to record the presence of each candidate at the start of the examination and checked and signed at the end of the examination. Candidate details for all entries received by the time that Attendance Registers are printed will be included in the despatch of pre-printed Attendance Registers. If a late entry or entry amendment has been made after this time, the candidate details (including candidate name and candidate number) will not appear on the register and must therefore be added by the school, by hand, to the bottom of the Attendance Register. If a school adds a candidate to the register they must first ensure that a formal entry has been made for that candidate.

If you have not received the Attendance Register for an examination, the Supplementary Attendance Register should be used (a copy of which can be found on this page of our public website).

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