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Important Announcement: Password security and protecting online transactions

It is important that you keep your Cambridge login passwords safe and do not share them with anyone outside your centre or with unauthorised centre staff.

Educational institutions around the world are being targeted by hackers and cyber criminals who are using ransomware to block access to data. A cyber attack could have a major impact on your school so it is important that you protect the security of your online transactions with us and make sure your networks are protected against ransomware and other malicious activity.

There is information on password protection in Section J of the Cambridge Handbook that you must follow.

  • Make sure that the usernames and passwords we issue are only given to centre staff who are authorised to access online services or software which is relevant to them
  • Do not give login information to candidates (except login details for the Candidate Results Service if appropriate)
  • Never share passwords with people outside your centre, or with unauthorised centre staff
  • Do not write down your logins and passwords in a way that it can be identified, either as hard copy or electronically
  • Use strong passwords and don’t use the same password for different logins – there is a lot of guidance available online on how to create strong passwords.

If you believe your login has been hacked or used without your knowledge, contact Customer Services immediately

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