How can I find out more about the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards?


Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education who recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world.

We recommend learners keep in close contact with the school where they were entered to understand whether they are an Award winner, as Cambridge notifies each school that has an Award recipient.

We have also included the Award release dates below for some countries to assist learners. The release date will be different for each country, and is specific to an exam series. Please check the list below, which is in alphabetical order, to confirm when the Awards were / will be announced to schools for a particular country. If your country does not appear on this list, we recommend you get in touch with your school directly to confirm the release date.

Please note these dates are subject to change in line with exam results being released and Enquiries About Results.

June series: December
November: March

March series (this series is specific to India): November - December
June series: November - December
November 2022 series: November - December

June series: December
November series: April-May

June series: November - December
November series: April

June series: TBC
November series: TBC

June series: July 2024
November series: July 2024

June series: December

June series: November - December

June series: December - January
November series: May

June series: September - October

Saudi Arabia
June series: November
November series: April - May

Sri Lanka
November series: TBC
June series: TBC

November series: November - December the following year, joint with June data.
June series: November

United Arab Emirates
June series: September - October
November: April - May

June series: November - December

For more information on our Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, see our FAQ document below.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards FAQs

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