COVID-19 (coronavirus) Information for schools on June 2020 Results

On 17 August we issued an update on how we are awarding grades for the June 2020 series. This update was sent to all schools and is also here.


When will we receive our new grades or group awards?

We will issue new grades via Cambridge International Direct and the Candidate Results Service (if applicable) on Friday 21 August at 10.00 BST.

We will recalculate all group awards (Cambridge AICE Diploma and Cambridge ICE) based on the new grades. We plan to release these on Thursday 27 August. 

While we update our system with the new grades (between now and the date of release), you will not be able to see your existing grades or historical performance data on Direct. Instead, you will see a holding message until the new grades are available. Centres will still be able to view the predicted grades they submitted to us by logging into the Grade Submission System at The Candidate Results Service will be unavailable until results are released.

What results information will I get?

The results documents you will receive will be a pdf with provisional results information for each candidate and broadsheets in both Excel and pdf format. As with your original results documents for June 2020, there will be no Percentage Uniform Marks (PUMs) or Component Marks information.

We are a UK centre. Do I get new results information through MIS / A2C?
If you are a UK centre and you usually receive your results information through MIS/A2C, this will also apply for your new grades.

What if I’ve already submitted a post-results check? Do I withdraw it? Will I get a refund?

We have stopped work on post-results checks and appeals. If you have one submitted, you will not be charged or receive an outcome for it. You don’t need to withdraw them from Direct. If you have had a completed post-results check, you will also not be charged.

Can I appeal my predicted grade/s that my school gave me?

Candidates (and their parents or legal guardians) cannot appeal against the predicted grades their school submitted for them. If you are unhappy about the predicted grade you have received, please speak to your school directly as they will be best placed to provide you with advice and guidance on your results.

Why can’t candidates, parents and legal guardians appeal against the predicted grade/s?

For June 2020, the predicted grades and rank order positions have been decided by our centres and confirmed by the heads of centre, or school principal. When your centre submitted predicted grades and rank orders to us, the head of centre completed a declaration of authority. By completing this declaration, the head of centre confirmed that the data submitted was final and correct. They also confirmed their understanding that once the predicted grades and rank orders were submitted, they would be considered as final by Cambridge International. It is your head of centre or school principal, therefore, who is best placed to provide you with advice and guidance on your results.

Can my candidates’ grades go down as the result of an appeal?

Please refer to the guidance on our website about appeals. This guidance explains that, for Clerical error appeals, grades may stay the same, go up, or go down. However, we would like to clarify the guidance for Special circumstances and Procedural appeals; for these appeals, your candidates grades are protected and can only go up or remain the same.

One of my candidates received a U grade for Cambridge International AS Level in the June 2020 series. Can they still enter for Cambridge International A Level in the June 2021 exam series?

If a candidate wants to enter for a future exam series, for example June 2021, via the A2-only route, they can do this regardless of the grade (A*–U) that they received in the June 2020 series. The grade which the candidate received in the June 2020 series will not be taken into account. To be eligible for the A2-only route, candidates must have been entered for the relevant Cambridge International AS Level in the June 2020 series, and must not have been withdrawn at any point. You will then need to enter them as a ‘June carry-forward’ candidate to access the A2 only route in June 2021.

Candidates can also be entered as linear A Level candidates in the June 2021 exam series and take all the components of the A Level (AS and A2) in the June 2021 series.

Will the new grades be recognised by universities?

Yes.  We cannot speak for every university in the world, but every indication is that they will recognise them. UK universities will do so. We continue to engage with universities and will let you know if we hear any more information on university recognition.

What’s happening with applications to UK universities?
We are working with UCAS to send them revised grades on Thursday 20 August.

UCAS will then pass them on to your students’ chosen universities and colleges.

In the meantime, students are advised to discuss their wishes with family and schools. They can contact their chosen universities and colleges directly to let them know their predicted grades and discuss the options available.

Universities and colleges will need to have received students’ updated grades before they can make a decision on students’ applications. 

Further information can be found on our website here.

Results information differences

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

With the June 2020 examinations not taking place, we are unable to provide our Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for this series. 

Cambridge awards recognise outstanding achievements and are issued to those learners who have attained the highest standard marks in a subject, providing that the minimum grade and standard mark thresholds for the award category have been met. While we are able to issue grades for those who entered for the June 2020 series, these grades are being issued without marks. Without these marks we are unable to fairly calculate and distinguish high achievers. 

We understand how special our awards are to our students and schools, as they recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world. We look forward to presenting our students with awards in future series.

What has changed for results information in June 2020? 

We will provide Statements of Results and Certificates for all candidates entered in the June 2020 series. Our results transcript service for candidates in the USA will also be available. Our June 2020 results documents will provide candidates with a syllabus grade for each syllabus for which they are entered. It is important to be aware that, as all June 2020 results will be issued using syllabus grades, information will not include references to marks or component level marks / grades. 

Is it possible to include examples of results information that will not be available for June 2020? 

We will not have marks available for the June 2020 series, so there are some services we cannot provide. This includes:

  • PUMs (Percentage Uniform Marks)
  • Component Mark and Component Grade Reports
  • Syllabus Report by Component
  • Compensatory AS Level grades*
  • Results Analysis
  • CEFR certifying statements.

*In a normal series, a compensatory AS Level grade is where a candidate did not reach the standard required for Grade E(e) at A Level, but we award an AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level Grade a(a), b(b), c(c), d(d) or e(e), if their performance is good enough in the relevant components.

What does the asterisk mean on the Cambridge AICE Diploma results information?

In your provisional results information, an asterisk next to the syllabus title means this grade counts towards your Cambridge AICE Diploma. This only applies to the Cambridge AICE Diploma results which were released on 11 August 2020. We will issue new Cambridge AICE Diploma results on Thursday 27 August.

Why aren’t you issuing a grade for the endorsed components, such as the speaking endorsement for IGCSE English – First Language (0500 or 0990) and IGCSE English as a Second Language (0510 or 0993)? This will affect my candidate’s university application prospects.

In order to be confident that we can deliver a grade successfully for all candidates in all subjects, we have had to take some difficult decisions about how to manage the creation of these new systems. Managing the statistical standardisation exercise for syllabuses differently for those candidates who take an Oral endorsement, and reporting Oral endorsement results to centres in August, are two additional complexities that we would have needed to manage. Our first priority is to make sure that IGCSE grades can be issued in August, and the Oral endorsement is not part of the IGCSE grade for syllabuses 0500, 0510, 0990 or 0993. We therefore took the difficult decision not to create systems to collect or publish an Oral endorsement grade for these syllabuses.

Some universities may use the oral endorsement as part of their entry criteria. Our Recognitions team have been working closely with UK universities to make sure that students will not be disadvantaged by the change in assessment in June 2020. While universities are, naturally, focusing at the moment on students who are already holding offers for a university place in September 2020, the UK Higher Education sector has been very supportive of the approach that we have taken to award grades in June 2020, and will not disadvantage present or future applicants due to changes outside of their control. We suggest that you liaise directly with the universities your candidates intend to enter to confirm their approach.
We appreciate that some schools have completed their Oral tests and that candidates have worked hard to complete these, and that this decision is disappointing. However, we are confident that the grade that will be issued for these syllabuses in June 2020 will offer students a robust and reliable qualification to act as a passport for future learning and career options, just as it has in previous exam series for candidates both with an Oral endorsement and those without.



How will Cambridge AICE Diploma rules apply with the grades awarded in June 2020?

The grades we award for Cambridge International AS & A Level in June 2020 will count towards the Cambridge AICE Diploma we award in June 2020 and future series as per our normal processes.. For students for whom the June 2020 exam series would normally be the last series for which they can sit exams and gain their AICE Diploma, we will allow an exceptional exemption to our usual 25-month time limit rule, whereby students must normally complete all elements of the Cambridge AICE Diploma within 25 months. Please see the update provided to schools on 17 April for further information.

How will Cambridge ICE rules apply with these grades in June 2020? (Updated 23 April) 

The grades we award for Cambridge IGCSE in June 2020 will count towards the Cambridge ICE we award in June 2020 and future series as per our normal processes..

For students for whom the June 2020 exam series would normally be the last series for which they can sit exams and gain their Cambridge ICE certificate, we will allow an exceptional exemption for Cambridge ICE students to the usual rule that candidates must complete all elements within 13 months. Please see the update to schools on 22 April for further information.

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