March 2020 & March 2021 series (India only) - Information for schools about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak

March 2020 series

What happens if exams officers in India do not have access to the internet on results release day?

Results will be available on Cambridge International Direct on 19 May. The results will remain available to schools and candidates after results release day.

If you have access to Direct but know you will not have access to the internet on results day, you could consider giving your candidates access to their results directly through the Candidate Results Service on Direct. You will find detailed instructions on our website. We recommend you set up your candidates with access as early as possible so you have time to send login details to candidates before results release.

What if schools in India are still closed when you send hard copy results and despatches? What will happen to the despatches and how can we get the hard copy only information to centres?

If it is safe and you are happy to accept a despatch when it arrives, please do so.

If we know schools are closed across India when it is time for us to despatch, we will hold our despatches. If this happens, we will hold despatches securely in Cambridge until any nation-wide school closure is lifted. We will only be able to hold the entire despatch, we cannot despatch for some schools and not others.

Under our standard delivery process our courier will attempt to deliver despatches three times to a school. If a school is unable to accept a delivery after these attempts, the despatch will be returned safely to Cambridge International.

Candidate results service information cannot be used to give to universities, but what should we do if we cannot receive certificates?

We advise students to submit Statements of Results to support university applications. If these are not available, students should use the Support Letters for Indian universities, along with provisional results information. These letters are made available to schools each year. Certificates are needed for universities to confirm admission offers.

Universities that have signed up to use Direct can verify a candidate’s results using the verification portal.

What if candidates and exams officers cannot communicate to discuss enquiries about results?

If you wish to submit an enquiry about results, please follow our usual process. The deadline for submitting enquiries about results for the March 2020 series is Saturday 6 June.

Will you produce migration certificates? If yes, will you send them automatically to Indian centres as usual?

We have no plans to change the current process for migration certificates for India in the March 2020 series. Migration certificates are based on entries made and do not reference predicted grades.


March 2021 series

Do you plan to run exams in the November 2020/March 2021 series as normal?

At the moment, we plan to run the exams in future series as normal. We continue to monitor the global disruption caused by Covid-19 and we will update you if the situation regarding future exam series changes.

Carrying forward Cambridge International AS Level results from the June 2020 series

For students who want to carry forward their Cambridge International AS Level result from June 2020 to a future Cambridge International A Level, we have looked at a specific technical challenge: it is the AS Level mark students normally carry forward, not the grade. In the absence of AS Level marks in June 2020, students will receive an AS Level grade but will not be able to carry forward their AS Level result to A Level in the usual way. Therefore, we have put in place alternative arrangements.

Students who enter for AS Level and receive a grade from the June 2020 series may choose to:

  • take only the second stage (A2) of the A Level in that subject in the March 2021 series, and receive an A Level grade based solely on their performance in A2*. In other words, we will consider that a candidate with an AS Level grade from June 2020 has met the requirement to complete the AS Level stage before obtaining an A Level grade. Candidates who withdraw from the June 2020 series will not have this option.
  • take all components of the A Level in a future series, and retain the AS Level from June 2020 as a standalone qualification, without carrying the result forward.

* For example, if a student obtains a grade C in their AS Level in June 2020, takes A2 components in that subject in March 2021 and performs at the level of grade B, we will award them an A Level at grade B. By the same principle, if a student obtains a grade B in their AS Level in June 2020, takes A2 components in that subject in March 2021 and performs at the level of grade C, we will award them an A Level at grade C. 

Will candidate grades or candidate marks be used to calculate Cambridge International A Level results in the March 2021 series?

Marks from our assessments provide the most reliable and valid measure of a candidate’s performance. We will use any AS Level marks relevant to the candidate’s entry option to calculate their A Level result, in preference to using the A2-only option*.

* The A2-only option is only available to candidates entering a ‘June carry forward’ option in the March 2021 series and who had a valid AS Level entry in the June 2020 series.

Will Cambridge International A Level candidates receive a PUM (percentage uniform mark) in the March 2021 series?

PUMs will be available to candidates completing their A levels in March 2021. For candidates taking the linear A Level option or carrying forward from a previous March or November series, then PUMs will be calculated as they would for any other series.

The A2-only route is available to candidates entering for the ‘June carry-forward’ option for the syllabus. More information about how PUMs will be generated for candidates from India using A2 only route can be found here.

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