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Article published 5 March 2020, last updated 26 March  

Update from Cambridge International on May/June 2020 exams 

Our statements regarding the cancellation of the May and June 2020 exam series can be found here. The latest Frequently Asked Questions are below. These will be updated regularly. 

FAQ sections:

Entries and withdrawals
Support for teachers
Applying to university



How will Cambridge assess grades for June 2020 series?

We are currently working to set up the most appropriate and fair process to provide results.  We appreciate you will be very keen to understand how this will work and we for your patience whilst we set up this process.  We will update you regularly on our progress. 

How will Cambridge provide results for private candidates in the June 2020 series?

We understand the concerns that private candidates have about results and we are thinking about how we establish our results process carefully.  We will update you regularly on our progress with this.


Entries and withdrawals

Will Cambridge provide an extra series (for example in September)?

We have no plans to deliver an additional series of examinations. Our November series is expected to go ahead as normal. We are reviewing if it will be possible to provide additional syllabuses which are not currently available in the November series.

 Moving entries to a future series

If it is the right decision for your school, you can withdraw some or all entries from the June 2020 series and then enter these candidates in a later series such as November 2020.  Schools can enter candidates for this exam series from mid-May. We are reviewing if it will be possible to provide syllabuses in this series which are currently only available in the June series.  We will update schools before 10 April.

Your school will receive a credit to the value of each entry withdrawn.  This credit can be used against the cost of any entries or any of our services and is not limited to the next series.  A credit will be applied to your account which you can use for this or any future series entries. The credit is not time limited and will be applied against any outstanding invoices. 

Marks can be carried forward to the next series in line with our normal processes.  If June 2020 was the final series for which marks could be carried forward it is possible to apply for an exemption by email under certain circumstances.

Will we still be able to carry forward marks from AS Levels into future series?

We are working to set up the new process for providing June 2020 series results. We will update you on this shortly.

What if we have already withdrawn candidates for the June 2020 series?

If you have withdrawn entries for June 2020 but now wish to re-enter you can do so using Cambridge International Direct up to 17 April 2020.  You will need to enter different candidate numbers for these entries. You will not be charged late or amendment fees for making these entries. You can only withdraw candidates at syllabus level, not at component level.



Is there anything our school should be doing now?

We ask that you do not take any immediate action (such as providing candidate information to us) until we provide further information about how we will assess grades.  We will make sure that you will still have the opportunity to withdraw June 2020 entries after we have confirmed the new process for issuing June 2020 series results, if you wish to. 

Checkpoint May series cancellation

The May 2020 test series for Checkpoint will no longer go ahead (6-24 April) and we are not offering assessed grades, so candidates will not receive a statement of achievement. As an alternative, Cambridge International schools can access our Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Progression Tests and mark schemes to support their students. These are available for English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Science. If you have made entries for the May 2020 test series, you need do nothing further at this point. We will withdraw your Checkpoint entries automatically and credit your account for the entries you made.

Will we be able to make Enquiries About Results and appeals?

We are working to set up the new process for issuing results for the June 2020 series. We will update you on this as soon as possible.



Will we still receive exam papers? 

We have already despatched question papers to schools so it is possible you will receive these despatches.  If you have received any question papers we ask that you do not open them. Instead, store them securely as normal until we provide further information. 

If it is safe and you are happy to accept the consignment, please do so.

If you do not intend to take the delivery or are unable to, please get in contact with Customer Service so that we can make arrangements with the courier.



Should we submit candidates’ coursework?

Please retain all coursework. We are happy for you to continue to receive coursework from students where it is safe to do so. You do not need to send it to us. We will update you further next week.

What will happen to artwork which has already been submitted? 

Normal procedures for returning artwork will apply and we will let you know when this procedure is back in place.

Should we complete speaking tests if we are able to do so?

There is no need to complete speaking tests.  If you have done them already please do not send them in to us.


Support for teachers

Do you have any easy to access digital resources I can use to support remote teaching and learning? (Updated 18 March)

We know that the COVID-19 outbreak is presenting serious challenges for teachers and learners and we want to support you as you deliver online learning for your students. Because of this we have provided access to Resource Plus to everyone in our global community free of charge during this outbreak. Resource Plus includes high-quality videos, ready-made lesson plans and teaching materials for a limited number of English, Maths and Science syllabuses at Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced stages. You can access these materials directly from this page. We hope providing access to these materials will assist you, helping your students continue to learn and study for their exams.

Our Resource Plus videos are hosted on Vimeo. Please note this may cause access issues in some countries where Vimeo is not supported.

Tips on tools to support remote teaching and learning (Updated 16 March)

Remote teaching creates huge opportunities for effective learning and collaboration outside the classroom. It is important to keep the following in mind before you explore the various online tools available:

  • The focus should be on pedagogy and learning, rather than technology.
  • All the tools still require the skill, experience and expertise of a teacher.
  • They may involve approaches and techniques that you would not normally use.
  • The tools you choose should be in line with any school eSafety policy.
  • The teaching materials you use should respect copyright regulations.

Find out more about the tools that are available to support remote teaching and learning.

Can I share Cambridge International past papers electronically with students studying remotely? (Updated 17 March)

Yes. In Section L of the Handbook we say that to protect our copyright schools must not distribute past papers electronically. However, given the current situation, schools can distribute our past papers electronically to support students studying remotely.

Support from publishing partners during Coronavirus outbreak (Updated 20 March)

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, some of our publishing partners are making their eBooks available free of charge to support remote teaching and learning while schools are closed:

  • Cambridge University Press

    The Press are offering a 90 day free trial of eBooks from Cambridge Lower Secondary through to Advanced level. Available to all, not just existing Cambridge University Press customers. Visit their website for more information.
  • Collins

    Collins are offering eBooks, including endorsed student resources and most teacher resources, free of charge to any school that is closed, regardless of whether they are existing Collins customers. Email Collins for more details.
  • Hodder Education

    Existing Hodder Education school customers who have bought print textbooks can access the equivalent Student eTextbooks, free for one year. Schools who are not Hodder Education customers can have 1 month’s access to Student eTextbooks. Email Hodder for more information.

The details of these offers and how to access them are all slightly different so please refer to the publishers’ terms and conditions in each case. 


Applying to university 

We are working with universities in different regions to update them on our recent communication about the May/June 2020 series and gauge their response to the awarding grades based on evidence from student performance which fairly reflects the work that they have put in. In particular, we are in direct communication with universities in the UK, US, Canada and Australia which are the key destination countries for Cambridge learners. Universities in these four countries are aware of our approach and are committed to supporting Cambridge applicants in the admissions process. The underlying principle of all admission policies is fairness. Admission teams will be as flexible as possible in these situations and try not to penalise students because of major disruptions  and subsequent decisions beyond their control.


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