FAQs for IGCSE Foreign Language Spanish (0530 & 7160)


How many candidates can I have in a room for the Listening examination?

We will supply the recorded material for the listening exams, which you may keep after the exam. We strongly advise you to hold the listening exam in a room that is suitable for up to 30 candidates. If you have equipment that is very powerful, you may accommodate more candidates without special permission, but we will not consider applications for special consideration on the grounds of inaudibility.

Can I listen to the whole Listening examination to check it before I play it to my candidates in the examination?

No. You should spot-check the listening examination for recording and sound quality when you receive it by listening to short excerpts. Then, in order to check the acoustics, one of the recordings should be spot-checked in the examination room one working day before the examination. On neither of the above occasions may the recording be listened to in full nor may the recording be removed from the centre for checking. After each check the examination materials must be returned to your centre's secure store.

Who should conduct and mark the speaking test, and do they need to be accredited by Cambridge International?

This would normally be a teacher from within the relevant department at your centre, but could be a suitably qualified person independent of the department/centre. If a teacher-examiner is appointed from within your centre, it can be a teacher who has taught those particular candidates.
It is the responsibility of the person conducting the speaking tests to mark them. The speaking tests must be marked as they are being conducted. Examiners should mark the 'live' candidate and not a recording.
You don’t need to be accredited by Cambridge International in order to conduct the IGCSE Foreign Language speaking test. However, we strongly recommend that you study the Speaking Test Handbook in advance of the examination, especially if you are new to the syllabus. The Speaking Test Handbook offers guidance and advice on the preparation for and delivery of the speaking test. It also provides marked recordings of candidate work with accompanying examiner comments.

There should be only one speaking test examiner per centre per syllabus.

When do we hold the Speaking test?

The examination dates for Speaking test are available in the Exam Timetable for your administrative zone.

When will I receive the materials for the Speaking test?

If you do not submit estimated entries, we will not be able to send the Speaking test materials to you until we have received your final entries. This may result in you not having the necessary materials to carry out Speaking Tests at the specified time.

How should I record my candidates and present the sample for external moderation?

The speaking tests should be recorded using good-quality recording equipment, for example, a digital voice recorder with a separate microphone. Each candidate’s file must be saved individually in mp3 format. All candidates must be recorded and all recordings must be retained until after the enquiries about results period.
The speaking tests selected for the sample to send to Cambridge International for external moderation should then be transferred to either a USB stick or CD, which must be clearly identified with your centre number, the syllabus code and the component code. These must be sent with the relevant paperwork.

What is the deadline for submitting recorded samples and paperwork to Cambridge International for external moderation?

When you have completed your Speaking tests you should despatch the necessary paperwork and recorded samples for external moderation to Cambridge International for moderation as soon as possible and must arrive at Cambridge International by the date specified on the samples database. Do not wait until the end of the examination period before sending us these items.

For more information and materials on this syllabus, please visit our School Support Hub here.

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