FAQs for AS & A Level Media Studies (9607)

How do I submit coursework? (Components 01 and 03)

Coursework must be submitted following the instructions provided in the samples database and the Coursework Assessment Summary Form (CASF). A summary is provided here:

  • An Individual Candidate Record Cards (ICRC) must be completed for each candidate entered. On this form the URL (web address) for the candidate’s blog, or the centre’s blog hub, must be entered in the relevant section.

  • Once completed, all forms (the CASF and a ICRC for each candidate, plus a copy of the internally assessed marks) should be posted to us, using a service which provides a tracking option. Your exams officer will have the relevant stationery materials to help with this.

Can candidates use copyright/non-copyright music in their productions? (Components 01 and 03)

Candidates may use non-copyright or royalty-free music within their productions. If candidates wish to use copyrighted music they should attempt to gain permission from the copyright holder, and record this in their blog. The use of copyrighted music for academic/non-published work is not normally withheld.

Can candidates use found material, especially institutional idents, within their coursework? (Components 01 and 03)

The use of found material for film production/distribution institution idents may be appropriate if the genre reflects the use of a large institution. Of course the genre might be such that a small independent (and entirely fictitious) production/distribution company might be more appropriate. In any event, candidates should be discouraged from including more than 1 of these idents (unless they are very short), and will significantly be impacted if production idents take up a significant amount of the allotted time.

Can candidates use a website template rather than a blog?

We recommend that candidates use blogging software, as this automatically orders posts chronologically. This is something which the Principal Moderators have repeatedly commented on in previous Principal Examiners Report for Teachers. Candidates would not be penalised for using website-creation software, however they must make sure that it is very clear to the moderator when specific items were completed, so as to better understand the journey the production has taken.

Can you provide us with the extracts used in paper 2? (Component 2)

Unfortunately, owing to copyright restrictions, we are unable to provide centres with access to the DVD extracts directly. However we provide all the relevant information within the mark schemes to allow centres to identify the specific clip used within any paper.

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