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FAQs for AS & A Level Media Studies (9607)


How do I submit coursework? (Components 01 and 03)?

Coursework must be submitted following the instructions provided in the samples database and the Coursework Assessment Summary Form (CASF). A summary is provided here:

  • An Individual Candidate Record Cards (ICRC) must be completed for each candidate entered. On this form the URL (web address) for the candidate’s blog, or the centre’s blog hub, must be entered in the relevant section.
  • Once completed, all forms (the CASF and an ICRC for each candidate, plus a copy of the internally assessed marks) should be sent using Submit for Assessment.

Resubmitting moderated coursework from 2020 onward

From 2020, we are changing our policy on the resubmission of moderated coursework. You will no longer be able to resubmit moderated coursework for a future series.

From 2020, if a candidate would like to re-sit the syllabus and take forward their coursework mark, you will need to enter them for an option that includes the coursework component as a carried forward mark. To help you to do this, we have created new entry options for Cambridge International AS and A Level Media Studies (9607). These new entry options allow candidates to carry forward their AS coursework as a single component.

An overview of the entry options available for 9607 is below. To confirm what entry options are available for a syllabus, refer to the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries for the relevant series. This guide is available from the 'Support Materials' section of Cambridge International Direct.

An overview of the entry options available for 9607 from 2020 onward

Candidates for Cambridge International AS Level certification take Papers 1 and 2. Candidates may either:

  • take Papers 1 and 2 in a single exam series, or
  • carry forward their mark for Paper 1 to a future series, subject to the requirements set out in the Cambridge Handbook.

Candidates who have received Cambridge International AS Level certification and wish to continue their studies to the full Cambridge International A Level qualification may:

  • carry forward their AS marks and take Papers 3 and 4 in the exam series in which they require certification, or
  • carry forward their mark for Paper 1 and take Papers 2, 3 and 4 in the exam series in which they require certification.

Candidates taking the full Cambridge International A Level qualification at the end of the course take all four papers in a single exam series. The Cambridge International AS Level forms 50 per cent of the assessment weighting of the full Cambridge International A Level qualification.


June 19

November 19

June 2020 (onward)

Can the candidate submit new coursework for 9607/01 and 9607/03?




Can the candidate submit coursework which has (in whole, or in part) been submitted for external moderation in a previous series?




Can the candidate submit new coursework for 9607/01 at the same time as submitting coursework for 9607/03?




Can the candidate carry forward their externally moderated mark for
9607/01 on its own?




Can the candidate carry forward their externally moderated mark for 9607/01
as part of the whole AS?




Can candidates use copyright/non-copyright music in their productions? (Components 01 and 03)

Candidates may use non-copyright or royalty-free music within their productions. If candidates wish to use copyrighted music, they should attempt to gain permission from the copyright holder, and record this in their blog. The use of copyrighted music for academic/non-published work is not normally withheld.

Can candidates use found material, especially institutional idents, within their coursework? (Components 01 and 03)

The use of found material for film production/distribution institution idents may be appropriate if the genre reflects the use of a large institution. Of course, the genre might be such that a small independent (and entirely fictitious) production/distribution company might be more appropriate. In any event, candidates should be discouraged from including more than 1 of these idents (unless they are very short), and will significantly be impacted if production idents take up a significant amount of the allotted time.

Can candidates use a website template rather than a blog?

We recommend that candidates use blogging software, as this automatically orders posts chronologically. This is something which the Principal Moderators have repeatedly commented on in previous Principal Examiners Report for Teachers. Candidates would not be penalised for using website-creation software, however they must make sure that it is very clear to the moderator when specific items were completed, so as to better understand the journey the production has taken.

Can you provide us with the extracts used in paper 2? (Component 2)

Unfortunately, owing to copyright restrictions, we are unable to provide centres with access to the DVD extracts directly. However, we provide all the relevant information within the mark schemes to allow centres to identify the specific clip used within any paper.

For more information and materials on this syllabus, please visit our School Support Hub here.

Can candidates make web-pages rather than official social media pages? (Component 3)

The syllabus states that candidates are required to complete an official social media page as part of the minor task for each of the set briefs. The use of social media plays an increasing role in the promotion and marketing of media products in the current media landscape, and for this reason the syllabus states that for Component 3 candidates are expected to produce a media campaign, including a social media page. This could be for an existing social media platform such as twitter or Instagram, or an imitation of one. However, candidates may use a website builder in order to make this page, as long as the finished product meets the requirements of the brief.

We are looking for candidates to show us the importance of social media within a marketing campaign, and the use of a brand or theme. We would expect candidates to have researched social media pages beforehand, so centres may need to grant temporary access to these pages on the their own networks, although candidates are also free to complete research in their own time as well. Candidates will have to consider whether a specific page relating to their product is appropriate, or whether a social media presence for a media institution (such as Marvel/BBC etc), or perhaps the franchise within that institution (such as Avengers) with a specific page that focuses on their product within the wider social media account is more likely. This will be driven by their research.

Can candidates use a different language in their coursework productions for Components 01 or 03? 

Candidates are permitted to use foreign languages in their media products, but subtitles or an English transcript must be provided to allow Cambridge to moderate the product.

Kindly note that all blog posts, the Creative Critical Reflection (for 01 Foundation Portfolio), and Critical Reflection (for 03 Advanced Portfolio) must be in English.

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