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FAQs for IGCSE First Language German (0505)


What set texts are there for this syllabus?

There aren’t any set texts for this syllabus as IGCSE First Language does not have questions on set texts. However, literary material may be used in classroom preparation for the Reading paper as candidates will benefit from exposure to a variety of types of writing.

I have a very strong foreign language candidate. Can I enter them for a First Language examination?

You can, but the level of sophistication, accuracy and fluency required in a First Language examination is that of a native speaker. The assessment objectives for Foreign Language examinations are quite different, rewarding communication and giving opportunities for Listening and Speaking.

Do candidates need to use up-to-date spelling rules for IGCSE First Language German or can they use the pre-2001 spelling rules?

Candidates at First Language level are expected to observe the latest spelling rules. We are aware of the fluid situation in the German-speaking world as regards the application of these rules and examiners will take this into account when they reward candidates’ use of the language in accordance with the mark schemes. 

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