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FAQs for IGCSE Enterprise (0454)


When will I receive the case study?

This material is available via the Digital File Despatch area of our website. We will make it available to your centre based on your final entries. It should be shared with the relevant teachers so candidates and teachers can prepare for the exams.

The case study will be available from 1st February for the June series and 1st July for the November series. You may open this as soon as it arrives and distribute it to candidates. Candidates may annotate this, but they will not be allowed to take it into the examination.

You will be provided with clean copies of the case study, one copy for each candidate, along with the Question Paper, for use in the examination.

Can the Paper 2 coursework be done as a group but written up as an individual?

Yes, candidates are allowed to work on their own or as part of a group of no more than six members when carrying out their own enterprise project or activity for the coursework. However, they must produce their own written coursework project; this must not be done as a group.

Does the candidate’s enterprise have to be successful in order for them to do well in their Paper 2 coursework?

No, the coursework is not judged on the execution or the success of the enterprise. Candidates are judged on their understanding and evaluation of the processes they went through in order to run the enterprise.

Should candidates include an electronic copy of any presentations they made?

No, candidates should just include a printed hard copy of any presentations.

For more information and materials on this syllabus, please visit our School Support Hub here.

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