FAQs for IGCSE (9–1) Art and Design (0989)

Where do I find the question papers?

The question papers are available to download from School Support Hub before the start of the test date window and can be distributed to candidates from that date. The dates of the test date window are in the timetable available here.

Does Cambridge send us the coursework topics?

No, coursework topics are decided by the candidate with guidance from the teacher.

Can candidates use any media?

No. There is a list of inappropriate media in the Guide to Administering Art & Design. If you are in any doubt you should contact customer services.

What are supporting studies?

Supporting studies are the body of work that is produced by the candidate in the time between receiving the question paper and taking the examination. This work should show the development of ideas from an observational starting point and evidence of their research and exploration with materials and media.

Does the examination have to be taken in one sitting?

The examinations for Components 1 and 2 are eight hours each. These examinations should be split over two or more consecutive days and the maximum duration of a session should be no more than three hours.

If you do schedule an exam to be taken all on one day then you must ensure that candidates are provided with supervised rest breaks.

What happens with the work overnight?

The examination room must be locked securely overnight and after each timed session. Candidates are not permitted to take any supporting work home with them and must not bring more preparatory work in once the exam has started.

What happens if a candidate finishes before the end of the examination?

If a candidate has finished before the full examination time, they may leave the examination without disturbing the other candidates. However, they will not be allowed back in the examination if they then decide to return later.

Do candidates have to be accompanied to the toilet during the examination?

Art and Design examinations are taken under examination conditions and standard invigilation requirements apply. Arrangements should be in place for supervised rest breaks, please refer to the Cambridge Handbook here for more information.

What guidance is available for teachers in assessing coursework?

The centre marks the coursework component and therefore the teacher must have experience in teaching the subject at this level, preferably with experience of delivering and assessing IGCSE. Teachers should work through the examples and advice in the Coursework Handbook available to download from School Support Hub. Teachers’ coursework marks are moderated by Cambridge.

Can students use iPods/MP3 players during Art exams?

Please refer to the 0400 Admin Guide which is available on our website, where you will find on page 4 that ‘Mp3 players, personal radios or mobile/cell phones are not permitted.’

For more information and materials on this syllabus, please visit our School Support Hub here.

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