FAQs for Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language (9093)

Some questions on 9093 Question Papers specify word limits, while others do not. Do these other questions have limits?

In all cases, if there is a word limit for a question then it will be clearly stated on the Question Paper. If no word limit is specified, then candidates may write as much or as little as they consider appropriate for completing the task, within the time allowed.

For questions where there is a word limit, what happens if candidates write more or less than is specified?

While examiners are trained not to be overly strict on the exact boundaries of the word limits, candidates should nevertheless be strongly advised to stay within them. Candidates who write less than is specified will clearly reduce their opportunity to demonstrate their learning, and so are likely to self-penalise. Likewise, candidates who write more than the specified number of words may self-penalise in two ways: firstly, their writing may not be sufficiently concise as to meet the demands of the question (i.e. with regard to the specifications on focus and task completion in the relevant mark scheme); secondly, they may not leave enough time to adequately address other parts of the question paper.

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