Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint Global Perspectives– Links to other subjects

How does the Lower Secondary Global Perspectives link to the other Cambridge Global Perspectives qualifications at Cambridge Upper Secondary and Advanced?

The Global Perspectives programmes all link seamlessly together. The topics of Lower Secondary Challenges have been selected to match those of Cambridge IGCSE and O level Global Perspectives. These are issues of global importance.

By studying global issues, learners explore different and often opposing perspectives to develop their skills which they will use across their Cambridge Upper Secondary and Advanced qualifications.

The assessment of Cambridge IGCSE and O level Global Perspectives both include an Individual Report, Team Project and Written Examination. Learners who have completed the Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoints for Global Perspectives will have useful experience of preparing an Individual Report and Team Project for assessment.


How does the programme relate to the existing subjects in the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary programme?

The learning objectives of the Cambridge Global Perspectives programme focus on skills which are important for all subjects. This means that the programme offers valuable opportunities to reinforce and apply skills that are also needed for English as a first or second language, mathematics and science.


Is it compulsory to offer Cambridge Global Perspectives if we teach the rest of the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary programme?

No, all parts of the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary programmes are flexible. You are best placed to know which subjects to offer and at what stages, according to your school context.

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