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FAQs for IGCSE Chemistry (0620 & 0971)


Can candidates use the term 'rate of reaction' instead of 'speed of reaction' in chemistry examinations?

Yes, both terms are acceptable.

Do candidates get a Periodic Table in every paper?

A copy of the periodic table of elements is included in theory question papers and multiple choice papers, but not practical question papers.

For displayed formulae do I need to write in the hydrogen atoms or can I just draw "sticks"?

The hydrogen atoms must be drawn to gain the marks.

What is the difference between "state" and "suggest" when used at the start of a question?

State implies a simple answer that requires no, or little, explanation whereas suggest implies that there is no unique answer or that a candidate is expected to apply knowledge to a novel situation.

Will candidates be penalised if they make a spelling mistake in the name of a chemical?

A candidate’s level of English is not assessed in Cambridge examinations (except English examinations), so examiners will not penalise candidates for misspelling the name of a chemical, so long as the name is still recognisable. Extra care should be taken with similarly spelt chemicals such as ethene and ethane.

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