FAQs for AS & A Level Further Mathematics (9231)

When can the examination be taken?

The examination is available in the June and November series. 

What support materials are available?

  • Past question papers, examiner reports and mark schemes from the last 5 years
  • Notation list
  • Discussion forum for teachers of mathematics
  • Schemes of work 

These resources are available on the School Support Hub.  

Which list of formulae do candidates use for the AS & A Level examinations?

Candidates for the AS & A Level examination use the  List of Formulae and Statistical Tables (MF10), the content of which appears in the syllabus booklet. The MF10 list is sent out to Centres as needed in an administrative dispatch prior to the examination.

What calculators can be used in the AS & A Level examinations?

It is expected that candidates will have a calculator with standard ‘scientific’ functions for use in the examination. Graphic calculators will be permitted but candidates obtaining results solely from graphic calculators without supporting working or reasoning will not receive credit. Computers, and calculators capable of algebraic manipulation, are not permitted. Calculators must satisfy the regulations found in the Cambridge Handbook available here.

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