FAQs for AS & A Level Travel and Tourism (9395)

Can learners take the AS Level examination at the end of their first year and then retake it at the end of the second year, along with the A Level components?

Yes, a learner’s best AS Level result can count towards their A Level.

Can learners take dictionaries into the examination?

Learners are not allowed to take any dictionaries into the examination.

What support materials are available?

  • Syllabus
  • Specimen Question Papers and Mark Schemes
  • Past Question Papers and Mark Schemes
  • Coursework Guidelines

All the above are available from on the School Support Hub.

Is International A Level equivalent to UK A Level?

Yes, the International A Level is equivalent to a UK A Level. 

How many hours contact time do you recommend for AS/A Level?

Over a two-year A Level course, approximately 360 guided learning hours would be sufficient. For the AS Level this would be reduced to approximately 180 hours.

Can you suggest any websites that could be used as teaching aids?

Teachers with access to the School Support Hub will find a resource list including suggested useful websites. There is also a discussion forum for Travel and Tourism on this site, which allows teachers to discuss the teaching of Travel and Tourism and to share any useful sites or resources with each other.

Can learners carry forward their coursework mark for Paper 2?

If learners want to improve their marks for Paper 1 they cannot just re-sit Paper 1 and carry forward their coursework mark: they must sit for Papers 1 and 2 in the same session. For Paper 2 they may improve their coursework in some areas and submit this changed work for re-assessment. If the learner is satisfied with their mark for Paper 2 they can re-submit their original piece of work for re-assessment. However, they should appreciate that they may get a different mark for the work if, for example, the marks of the school are scaled by the External Moderator or if the teacher gives them a different mark.

For more information and materials on this syllabus, please visit our School Support Hub here.

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