What is the Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives Checkpoint assessment and where can I find out more information?

What is the Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives Checkpoint?

The Checkpoint assessment in the Cambridge Global Perspectives Lower Secondary programme is a Research Report, which is taken at the end of Lower Secondary (Stage 9).

Why is the Checkpoint assessment a Research Report?

At the end of Lower Secondary, the individual Research Report prepares learners for their next stage of learning and is particularly useful for those going on to study Cambridge IGCSE or O level. It is often the first long formal piece of writing that they submit to Cambridge and writing it gives them confidence to show that they are ready for the next stage.

Does Cambridge mark the Checkpoint Research Report?

Teachers mark the work and Cambridge moderates the marking. To help teachers we have developed an easy to use, upload and marking system. Schools have given us favourable feedback about the process as being quick and the system as easy to use.

Is the Global Perspectives Checkpoint the same as the other Checkpoint assessments?

The Checkpoint test for Global Perspectives has important differences to the written assessments for English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Science.

Here are some of the ways that they are the same:

  • Checkpoint is available at the end of Lower Secondary (Stage 9).
  • There are two Checkpoint exam series in May and October.
  • Entries are made by the Exams Officer using Cambridge International Direct.
  • Entries are the same price for all subjects.
  • Checkpoint entry is optional.

And how they are different:

  • There is no Global Perspectives test paper that you receive from Cambridge.
  • There is not a time limit on how long learners spend doing their Checkpoint work (although we do offer guidance).
  • There is no paper to return to Cambridge. Work is uploaded in the Checkpoint area of the Online Learning Area. We give you access to this when we process your entries.
  • The Global Perspectives Checkpoint is marked by teachers and moderated by Cambridge.
  • It is not necessary to tell us about candidate special considerations.

When is Global Perspectives Checkpoint offered?

It is offered in the two Checkpoint exam series in May and October each year. 

Why don’t you need to know about special considerations for Checkpoint?

As this Checkpoint assessment is not a timed test there is no extra time for us to allow. Teachers decide how much time to give learners to work on their Research Reports whether in class or at home or a combination of both.

How much do entries for the Cambridge Checkpoint Global Perspectives cost?

All the Checkpoint subjects, including Global Perspectives are the same price. 

Is there any information for teachers to help them mark the Checkpoint Research Reports?

Yes, we provide step-by-step guidance for this and our system for submitting and marking work is easy to use.

Do learners need to use a particular citation format when referencing sources?

We want to see them using referencing accurately but we do not ask learners to use a particular format.

There are only four Challenges for Stage 9 but there are six for the other years. Is this correct?

There are four Challenges in Stage 9 because preparing for Checkpoint takes approximately the same lesson time as two Challenges.

If we decide not to offer Checkpoint we have a gap of two Challenges in our timetable. Do you provide extra Challenges for those schools who do not take Checkpoint?

We have carefully designed the programme to offer assessment where it is appropriate. We think that it is important that learners have the opportunity to demonstrate their skill development at the end of Lower Secondary.

Checkpoint is optional so you can offer it if it suits your school. If you choose not to offer it, you can look at other options, for example extending the time you spend on the other Challenges in Stage 9.

Where can I find out more information about the Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives programme and Checkpoint assessments?

There is more information about Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives on our website

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