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Reporting Suspected Malpractice

If you believe you have witnessed or are aware of a situation that may compromise the security or integrity of Cambridge International's exams we would encourage you to come forward and report the matter.

In the first instance these matters should be discussed with the Head of Centre or Senior Management Team at your school or centre. If you feel you are unable to do so, you can contact us, or Ofqual if appropriate. To contact us with information concerning malpractice you can email putting ‘allegation’ in the subject line.


  • will treat any information sensitively and confidentially
  • respect requests to remain anonymous, unless we are legally obliged to report the identity of the person making the allegation
  • recognise that you may be identifiable by others due to the nature or circumstances of the disclosure, so we will try to limit the risk of this where possible

Information supplied anonymously cannot be used as evidence. However, such information can form the basis of, or give probable cause for, an investigation. In order to support any potential investigation it is better if you supply all the information you have at one time, rather than add information later.

We will not be able to discuss any investigation or outcome with you; to do so would be to reveal privileged information which is often subject to the Data Protection Act.


Note: For the UK this policy includes any “whistle blower” disclosure of malpractice or wrongdoing in centres by a member of staff, learner or parent/guardian, in accordance with Ofqual’s whistle blowing policy, May 2014.

If you work at a Centre in the UK you have the benefit of the Public Interest Disclosure Act and should consider whether you wish to make the disclosure direct to Ofqual to benefit from the protection of the Act.

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