Invigilators FAQs

What information does an invigilator need?

Each invigilator must be fully briefed and trained prior to carrying out the task of invigilation. All invigilators must be familiar with the regulations stated in sections 4 and 5 of the most recent version of the Cambridge Handbook. Further information and resources regarding invigilation can be found in the Examination Officers section of the public website.

What is an invigilator?

An invigilator is a person appointed by the Head of Centre to be responsible for the proper conduct of a particular examination in accordance with Cambridge regulations.

Whilst the Head of Centre has discretion to decide who is suitably qualified and experienced, any relative of a student in the examination room, is specifically not eligible to serve as the sole invigilator.

Invigilators must give their whole attention to the examination and must not perform any additional task (e.g. marking) in the examination room. Invigilators must be present, mobile and attentive throughout the examination. The Head of Centre must ensure that invigilators are fully briefed and trained prior to carrying out the task of invigilation.

Further information on invigilators can be found in the Cambridge Handbook, in particular section 4.4.

How many invigilators are required?

The minimum number of invigilators required is different depending on the type of examination. For written examinations or where students are not in an examination but are under Full Centre Supervision, at least one invigilator must be present for every 30 students.

For practical examinations one invigilator must be present for every 15 students and at least two invigilators must be present in each laboratory where an examination is being conducted. Schools should draw up and distribute invigilation timetables to their invigilators. For further information on this see the Cambridge Handbook available here, in particular sections 4.4 and


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