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What is special consideration and how do I apply?

Special consideration is a post-examination adjustment made to a candidate’s mark, to make allowances for any adverse circumstances, for example illness, bereavement or temporary injury. Detailed information on special consideration can be found in section 5 of the Cambridge Handbook, which can be found on our website.

How do I apply for Special Consideration?

You can apply for special consideration online through Cambridge International Direct. Simply log on, click on Administer Exams and Special Considerations Online. You can submit applications for:

  • present but disadvantaged candidates
  • absent candidates - the candidate must have completed 50 per cent of the total assessment
  • shortfall in coursework
  • lost or damaged coursework
  • coursework extensions - these requests can only be submitted by emailing 

You can also apply for Special Consideration on Exam Day - Form 7, which is available to download from the Support Materials section of Direct. Please follow the instructions in the Guidance Notes.

You can apply for coursework-related special consideration applications using Teacher Assessment - Form 2 for a shortfall and Teacher Assessment - Form 3 for lost coursework (also only available on Direct).

Please submit applications within seven days of the last examination in the syllabus affected.

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