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What should I do upon receipt of the question papers?

Question paper packets and examination materials will be sent in advance of the examination period to your school. The unopened packets must be checked carefully upon receipt and Cambridge must be notified immediately of any problems, for example:

  • if there are any discrepancies between the material received and the despatch note
  • if the material received does not appear to meet the school’s requirements
  • if the material has been significantly damaged in transit
  • if there appears to have been any possible breach of security whilst the material was in transit
  • if the seal of the question paper envelope is not intact or there is any indication that it may have been tampered with
  • if there is perceived to have been a delay in delivering the question papers, (e.g. materials held up in transit)

Schools are advised to check question paper packets against the examination timetable and to arrange them in timetable order, so as to reduce the possibility of opening a packet of question papers at the wrong time.

Further information can be found on our Handling confidential materials poster on this page of our website.

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